The Garuda method commits to achieve excellence and is aimed at overcoming your expectations.
- James d’Silva, Garuda’s inventor defines it as « The intelligence way to exercise »


The Garuda method is both a new visionary method and the future of well-being. Being one among Indian myths, Garuda is a bird whose shape changes based on its functions, and that is the reason why this method has been given such name, because it is a unique way to teach suppleness and precision in movements. As a matter of fact, Garuda starts where Pilates ends.

Garuda’s benefits

Garuda’s results are really amazing. You will get more strength, endurance, coordination and suppleness combined with a real wellbeing sensation. Garuda’s philosophy is totally different, as there, cardio-vascular and spiritual elements are intertwined. Your body will be stronger and thinner, your posture improved, thanks to a total awareness of each single movement you are making.
This Pilates, dance, yoga and tai-chi inspired discipline can be performed on a machine and/or on a mat. Garuda’s sessions easily combine a smooth dynamic and rhythm based activity. These newly created exercises help the connection between body and soul. Its exercises are very specific, varied and adaptable. Garuda’s new exercises are continuously and restlessly being developed and widened.

Who is Garuda for?

Due to its adaptable features and versatility, Garuda is perfect for both absolute beginners and professionals, for any age and level. The Garuda method offers a new way to exercise by isolating groups of muscles and turning each movement into target movements, based on different individuals’ needs and abilities. Its regenerating and beneficial effects involve not only those included in training but also in rehabilitation programs. Thanks to a tight cooperation with osteopaths and physiotherapists, specific programs can be performed aimed at the treatment of injuries.